Saved a prayer for the wishing well
The endless night has taught me well
I threw a coin and walked away
I wish I knew a way to
Forgive myself

She said to me I wish I could fly
But all she did was make me dive
I wish I was wise enough to make her
Help me find a secret shelter to
Heal myself

You can't run so you better hide
You must be honest or just blind
So I’ll throw a coin and walk away
I got no wise advice to say

Colder holder of my heart
I ran out of apologies
Saved a prayer for the wishing well
I wish there was something I could say
To wish myself
Better days


I can't seem to make you understand
Everything that goes inside my heart
I cannot speak or show, just feel
Still you'll always think it's just a big lie

I'll always remain the insensitive
And you, the one

Frame by frame my heart grows colder
And in you eyes I stare at the flame
And when you take my hand and hold me
I no longer feel the pain

And when you sadly say goodbye to me
And leave me in my cell all alone
True love never dies for some
And sorrow never ends for me

I'll always remain the insensitive
And you, the one
I'll always keep it all inside
And you will only say goodbye


She searches hopelessly for a new love
She smiles at me but dies inside
Trying to find a way out
Out of the darkness and into the light

So close yet so far

She awakens in me a wave of desire
She captures me in her eyes
And then she tells me loves a lie
And leaves me cold and blind

So close yet so far

She prays every night to feel numb
She said memories won't let her sleep at night
She said her life's an empty stage
Life's a circus we're all clowns


Why do I feel that my heart
Will always be next in line?
Why do I still pray for love
When it has always been so mean?
Why does time take so long
To heal a broken heart?
Why did she say that this love
Would someday tear us apart?

Why so wrong when it feels so right?


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"Ninguém apareceu no funeral de Diamantina Flores.
Nem mesmo o padre.
Porque quem se suicida não tem direito a entrar no céu.

Mas na vila não se falava noutra coisa.

A Diamantina sentou-se na banheira e cortou os pulsos.
Só deram pela falta dela no domingo seguinte quando não apareceu na missa."


I used to love the rain
till the day you came along
and brought the sun
and destroyed the darkness in my life

I can only set you free
and hope you'll return someday
and blind me with your light
and take away the rain inside me



Sometimes words are not necessary


I was 13 when I had my first major crush. The year was 1989.
I used to go hunting with my dad and we used to park the old Jeep Wagoneer at an old gas station to get some sleep.
I remember that I would turn on the radio really, really low so that I wouldn't wake up my dad.
I remember vividly one night after listening to Bobby McFerrin's "Don't worry, be happy" another song came along.
A voice like an angel.
She said: "Close your eyes, give me your hand, can't you feel my heart beating? do you understand? do you feel the same? am I only dreaming? is this burning, an eternal flame” 
Her name? You guessed it. Susanna Hoffs.

22 years later I still remember that feeling. And I've been searching for it ever since. In vain, must I add.
I guess the innocence is gone. Long gone.


O seu rosto era branco como a neve, os seus olhos claros e os seus lábios nunca sorriam. O seu cabelo era escuro como a noite e as suas mãos frias como uma rocha.
O seu nome? Não sei, nunca mo disse, nunca perguntei.
Alguns anjos não têm nome.

Paragem de autocarro fria e molhada. Autocarro cheio. Fim de tarde de inverno.
Vi-a então, pela primeira vez. Sentada à janela a fitar as luzes dos carros que vinham em sentido contrário. Mãos pousadas nos joelhos.

Ela entrou na minha vida tão fugaz quanto uma estrela cadente. Do dia para a noite a minha vida mudara radicalmente. Nunca mais vou ser o mesmo.
Tentei evita-lo, disse-me a mim próprio que não podia ser. Deveria estar enganado.
Eu? Voltar a apaixonar-me? Impossível!
Mas a ilusão não durou muito tempo. Vi-me obrigado a aceita-lo: voltei a cair... e desta vez não há rede para me salvar.
Bastou um olhar para deixar cair a minha máscara.
A máscara caiu e partiu-se em mil pedaços: ela descobriu-me.
Só ela sabe quem eu realmente sou.



One of the Best Films of the 90's was definitely "Singles" directed by Cameron Crowe in 1992


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